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"How far do you want us to go to save your life?"

Penelope knew she was in serious trouble when she found herself alone in a Covid-19 ICU tent fighting for her life. But was she really alone? Peek inside the mind of a critically ill patient and experience what it took to make the journey back to health.

How does a daughter deal with the uncertainty when her mother struggles between life and death? How does a family deal with their emotions when barred from her bedside because of a pandemic? Megan shares her unique perspective of possibly losing her mom, caring for her ill father, and fighting Covid-19 herself.

Follow their first-hand account of their journey through Crisis and learn how they survived.


When eleven-year-old Alex Hudson complained that her leg hurt, her mother, Jody, thought it was growing pains. But Alex battled with what perplexed doctors deemed a medical mystery for the next ten years. Refusing to let this ambiguous label define her, Alex researched and sought out medical professionals who might help her. After more than forty doctor visits and multiple incorrect diagnoses, in May of 2017, Alex finally received the correct diagnosis―Lyme disease. She immediately began aggressive treatment, but would it be too late? Throughout her ever-changing illness, Alex forged ahead and focused on her faith, finding answers while taking time to serve others. When the physical pain became unbearable, she refused medication to ease her suffering. Instead, she chose to keep a clear mind and trust God to guide her as she faced each impossible challenge. Learn more at 

Forced into sex trafficking as a teenager, Debra Rush makes a daring escape, then struggles for years with post-traumatic stress. A reluctant mentor supports Debra through the healing of her past. A commitment to save her friends leads to unexpected alliances. In forgiving those who betrayed her, she opens her heart and finds real love. Her true story proves no one is beyond redemption. 

Journey with Debra from despair to success and find a reason to hope.