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I especially love stories of those who have seen the pits of darkness, found their way to the light, and become beyond what they could ever have imagined. Stories that have the potential to restore, transform, and heal the reader are of special interest to me.  


So many people ask how I found the time to write a book in the midst of my work with human traffick survivors. I didn’t, Penelope Childers did. Her passion for writing real-life stories that impact and create change in the world around us is evident on every page of my book. If you’re in need of someone to write your compelling story, consider Penelope. She took my story and turned it into an international page-turner. -Debra Rush is the CEO of Breaking the Chains and author of A Cry of Heart: Human Trafficking, One Survivor's True Story 

Penelope is an insightful mentor who guided me every step of the way with care and expertise. Her encouragement and honesty helped make my book so much better. Penny stayed with me through the publishing and book launch. I am grateful I found her.
                           Christine Orsbun, author of What Happened to Chris Ann?

Penelope helped me finally write the words "the end." She has a helpful and encouraging demeanor mixed with the next steps, facts, and abundant resources she shares. Penny is an invaluable mentor for someone who has a story to tell.
                                               Lisa Woolery 

I have known Penny for many years.  Our love of books initially brought us together, as we were both members of the Fresno State Book Club. But our relationship grew even deeper after the passing of my 22-year-old daughter from Lyme disease. 

Penny encouraged me to write Alex’s story.  She knew that it was a story that needed to be told.  And so, I did.  It took me four months in between working full-time and launching the Alex Hudson Lyme Foundation, but I did it. It was part therapeutic and part divine intervention. 

But then I needed to get the draft into a finished product, and that’s where Penny came in. Penny was a God send. Together, we worked through the storyline, edits, details, and everything else that goes into self-publishing a book. She provided invaluable knowledge and expertise. Her suggestions made the book come to life. And her connections within the industry were a bonus.   

I would highly recommend Penny to anyone who is thinking about writing a book, wanting to tell their story,  and seeing their book become published.  She’s a gift to many- including me. 

                            Jody Hudson, author of My Promise to Alex: Through Pain Comes Purpose.