The Suzy Mellen Story



Suzy Mellen and I are excited to announce that we have signed contracts with Cheryl Ricker and The Dunamis Words literary agency to write Suzy Mellen’s book with a working title,


My Freedom Shoes

Wrongly Convicted to Factually Innocent―A 17-Year Journey of Hope, Faith, & Perseverance 

In 1997, Suzy Mellen was sentenced to life without the possibility of parole (LWOP) for a crime she did not commit. Once in prison, she fell in love with Jesus and made the decision to serve women she met there. She held prayer meetings, volunteered as a Bible study leader, and participated in every spiritual activity she could. Suzy won the trust, respect, and admiration of other inmates. She refused to be defeated and became stronger in her faith and confidence. Suzy never gave up hope that one day, someone would help her reveal the truth. In 2014, 17 years after she was convicted, a judge declared her factually innocent.

God reversed Suzy’s death sentence of LWOP. Now, the time has come to tell her remarkable true story.  

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     Freedom Shoes 

Suzy going back to encourage those she left behind in 2019